Who misses the city pulse ( ;) ) when you have sunsets like this within a stone’s throw from the house? Love this place. (på/i Stjärnsund, Dalarnas Län, Sweden)

Hopp, blir att foto i veckan då! #gtb #kulturkalas #press #fotopass #göteborg #konsert #snapseed


Göteborgsposten har nyligen gjort en undersökning (?) angående alkoholkulturen på Chalmers Tekniska Högskola. Man kan läsa att slutsatserna som dras är skrämmande och att åtgärder borde tas. Skräckhistorier om hur unga super sig medvetslösa i högar och förstör skolans lokaler ingick i…

I am rinsing a roll of TMAX 100.

It is not very often I post anything here and I am sorry about that. There is so much going on this spring that I sometimes feel to not doing any of them. Which, of course, end up me getting way behind with all of it.

Anyhow, to get back to the headline of this post, I have starting a collaboration with three friends called SOM3 (pronounced like “some”), just as geeky as it should be. The roll of film is actually from our last shoot we had on Friday with a swedish DJ called Filip Havlik. 

I’ve always wanted to get started in professional photography services and this is basically it. The four of us started this collaboration to really giving photography a try despite our educational backgrounds in different areas of engineering. So this is it, I’ve applied to start my own company and now I’m waiting to receive the verdict from the swedish tax agency.

To get to know more about the collaboration project, and in time see the images from the shoot I mentioned, please visit our website: www.som3.se or like us on our Facebook page

Vi avslutar dagen med god öl hyfsat trevligt sällskap och en meny som inte går av för hackor. #cooking @mmiettinen @eriksalven @mattiasalm #dinner #afterwork #aftershoot

Mickan and the ghost ladder. #som3 #photographers #kaela #mikaelmiettinen #mattiasalm #olofberglund #urban #urbanexploration #photoshoot

App-tip: SketchGuru, lots of fun!

VSCO film presets

I got the opportunity to play around a bit with the VSCO film packs (VSCO Film 01 & 02) since I am thinking about purchase these presets. Here is an example from the shoot in “Botaniska trädgården” in Gothenburg this summer. Actually one of the images that didn’t quite make it for the final selections but here it goes:

VSCO preset: Kodak Portra 400 VC- with a few tweaks with the supplied toolbox presets.

So I kind of like the result, what do you think?


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Sometimes you just stumble on beautiful light. This was taken in my apartment around noon today. #guitar #great #light #bw